Links & Resources

        An article highlighting the need to balance America’s use of mandates and markets rather than rely primarily on market forces         to respond adequately to the threat of climate change. 

        Pat Sapinsley of AIA (the American Institute of Architects) describes the competition to design a sustainable, multi-purpose site         at Arverne East after Hurricane Sandy. 

        An interview with Pat Sapinsley in which she identifies common mistakes among venture 
        capitalists, the potential future of biomimetic products, and mission-centered investing.

“Pat Sapinsley: Nature’s Resume – Is Biomimicry a Sound Investment?” clip from “Biomimicry in the Big City” 11.03.2011
        Clip of discussion on investments in biomimicry, part of a longer panel on “Clean Energy Connections: Biomimicry in the Big               City” moderated by Renee Shana.

        A transcription of a Q&A panel with Pat Sapinsley discussing the role of women in green business and mentoring.

        Pat Sapinsley and other construction and design professionals have experienced a heightened demand for environmentally-              conscious buildings; for some companies, thinking green has become a requirement.

        Pat Sapinsley’s architectural background allows the unconventional private investment firm Good Energies to investigate the            intersection of architecture, renewable energy, and venture capital.

        A description of architect Pat Sapinsley’s LEED Gold certified building project for Perkins+Will in which she designed an office         to fit the motto of “People, Planet, Profit.”


        A panel on carbon neutrality, net-zero energy buildings, and how firms can help organizations and government agencies                   achieve high energy efficiency. Pat Sapinsley was a panelist.

“Control Freaks: The State of Lighting Controls” moderated by Pat Sapinsley 04.12.2012
        Panel discussion identifying ways to save energy through lighting controls, the future of smart grids and lighting, and the                 potential problems from new technologies.

 “Financing Energy, Part 2 – 11.9.11” moderated by Pat Sapinsley 11.09.2011
        Video of panel discussion on energy efficiency for architects discussing efficiency incentive programs and payback                             opportunities.

        Panel discussion through Solid State Lighting Design’s 2011 SSL Summit in New York City for Smarter, Better Lighting.

“The Greening of Data Centers” moderated by Pat Sapinsley 11.06.2008
        Panel discussion hosted by Wall Street West on economic incentives to improve energy efficiency given challenges in                         quantifying efficiency data.