Welcome to Build Efficiently LLC
Build Efficiently LLC works to further the successful deployment of energy efficient technologies. We work with a select portfolio of young companies to scale up in new, sustainable buildings markets, focusing initially on New York City.We accomplish this in three ways. 
  • We select only companies that offer proven, third-party-tested, energy efficiency strategies with short payback periods.
  • Build Efficiently can then help client companies through introductions to the sustainable buildings decision makers and distribution channels in the greater NY region. We are also able to assist our companies in obtaining venture funding.
  • We help property owners seeking these technologies, and particularly LED lighting, to select the best technologies for their applications and finance those installations. This is done through our sister company Watt Not, LLC  http://www.watt-not.com/
We also offer services to the VC community through sourcing deals, analyzing markets and performing due diligence in the green building space.